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As the baby boomer generation ages into their golden years, the number of seniors actively seeking health and financial information online is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2010, Precise Leads launched Senior Strong, an online community devoted to helping seniors and their families gain access to healthcare, financial, insurance and general retirement information. Through the site, seniors can gain access to insurance providers, get the latest news that affects them, and plan for their future.

Both a directory and a community, Senior Strong has engaged people socially, using Facebook and Twitter to facilitate discussions between seniors about the issues that matter to them. Through social media, Senior Strong has created a forum for questions, answers, news and advice. By providing all of the pertinent information on one accessible website, from a glossary of common terms to Frequently Asked Questions, Senior Strong seeks to connect seniors across the United States with the services they need, and with each other.

Helping seniors and their families choose the best insurance and investment options is a top initiative for Senior Strong. In offering free quotes and advice to the thousands of seniors seeking coverage online every day, they are building a community where seniors can take advantage of the best deals in healthcare and the best resources for planning their futures.

Whether a senior citizen is looking for Medicare Supplemental coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, Life Insurance, or any number of options available to them, Senior Strong can help. Navigating the murky waters of terms, enrollment periods, and costs can be confusing, and is a clear guide to finding the best possible coverage. Visitors to the site can find a local insurance agent or advisor by filling out a simple form. It's fast, easy, and best of all, it's free.

At Senior Strong, Precise Leads has made it easy to find the news that matters to seniors who are investing in their future. Helping seniors live their lives to the fullest is a priority. The best way to do this is to give them and their loved ones the resources needed to make a smart investment. That's why Senior Strong was built, and why it continues to grow into the most comprehensive source of senior health information on the web. Medicare is only the first step to living comfortably as a senior. Giving seniors an easy way to find housing, get the lowest cost life insurance, and make annuity investments is important, as is the community that has been built around the site. Precise Leads understands the budgetary restrictions of many new retirees, and can facilitate access to smart financial advice through others in the community.

Precise Leads is a pioneer in linking those who are searching for insurance online with licensed agents. They have now brought this expertise into the senior space, and have built a directory that helps people find trusted local insurance agents, advisors and carriers easily, so that they can sign up for the best plan at the best value. Discover the online senior community as it gains momentum at The information is there, and all it needs is your voice.

Precise Leads is a company that connects individuals with local insurance agencies, carriers, advisors and independent agents, in order to find the plan that best fits them. Precise Leads has access to thousands of agents, providing health, Medicare, auto, group health, life, and home owner's insurance. They continue to experience strong growth, with new agents in new areas daily.

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